Santa Barbara based Bygone Civility is a studio band with a fresh and yet throwback kind of vibe, perfect for today's chaotic, sometimes senseless, ever beautiful world.

The band's central belief is that every voice matters, inclusion is king — and that the music always always always speaks for itself.

Evan, whose beautiful lead vocals and harmonies are featured on Circling Again, the band's first release – and the band's second release, Make Time for Angels – grew up singing in church, but he is rather camera shy.

So is Filip, whose vocal range is a bit like the 8th wonder of the modern world. Look for Filip's debut on what will be the band's third release, Sweet Sweet Communion.

Geoff, who is not camera shy, prefers his standing as the band's songwriting workhorse, rather than in front of a studio mic, although his pet chicken Soyoung has been known to easily talk him into doing most things, once she puts her mind to it.